First 'Logan' Clip Finds Hugh Jackman In A Standoff

Last night 20th Century Fox dropped a huge Super Bowl spot for Logan, so you'd think they would want to sit back and chill on the promos for a while. Not so much. Today comes the first clip from Hugh Jackman's final turn as the X-Man, at least until Ryan Reynolds convinces him to return for a Wolverine/Deadpool crossover. Come on, you know it'll happen.

This scene finds Logan, and whoever Eriq La Salle is playing, squaring off against a handful of locals. Of course they are spoiling for a fight, not realizing the guy they're threatening is a mutant with a healing factor that makes fighting him super unfair. He may be old and retired from superheroics, but come on Wolvie, pick on somebody your own size.

Logan hits theaters on March 3rd.