Enter 'The Institute' In First Trailer For James Franco's New Thriller

James Franco's movies are questionable enough when we see them coming from a mile away, but when they emerge out of nowhere like The Institute, well...there's extra reason for worry. A trailer has dropped for the movie which he not only stars in but co-directed with Pamela Romanowski (The Adderall Diaries), and...eh, it looks kinda forgettable. Shocker.  The film stars  Allie Gallerani, Joe Pease, Lori Singer, Josh Duhamel, and Franco regulars Scott Haze and Tim Blake Nelson.

Here's a synopsis for the 19th-century thriller about a girl who undergoes bizarre experiments at the titular facility, with Franco as the creepy doctor in charge of it all...

Set in 19th century Baltimore, THE INSTITUTE tells the story of Isabel Porter (Allie Gallerani) who, stricken with grief from her parents’ untimely death, voluntarily checks herself into the Rosewood Institute.  Subjected to bizarre and increasingly violent pseudo-scientific experiments in personality modification, brainwashing and mind control, she must escape the clutches of the Rosewood and exact her revenge, or else be forever lost.

The Institute opens March 3rd.