'Doctor Strange' Is Just Like 'Iron Man' In New Honest Trailer

Clearly, everyone involved with Doctor Strange was having a lot of fun, and Marvel found the right approach to bringing the odd world of the Sorcerer Supreme to theaters. And that approach, let's be honest, was to basically replicate the Iron Man storyline only with magic rather than technology. Or as the folks at Honest Trailers put it, it's "Iron Man on weed."

Brilliant rich guy? Check. Goatee? Check. Snarky attitude and kind of a douche? Check. Gorgeous red-headed love interest? Check.  There are other less obvious similarities, too. Yeah, the movies are pretty much the same, which is fine because the formula obviously still works, and I think there's greater potential for Doctor Strange to go in some seriously wild directions than Iron Man ultimately did. Now if Doctor Strange 2 features a tentacled Russian villain then Marvel's seriously got creative problems.