*SPOILERS* David Thewlis May Be Playing This Classic 'Wonder Woman' Villain

So who is the true villain of Wonder Woman, anyway? We've known that she would be aiding man during WWI but, other than fighting man's natural instinct for greed and war there hasn't really been a bad guy seen in any of the footage. Rumors have been flying around, of course, and the biggest one appears to have been confirmed. Although it's obvious and in the headline and stuff, SPOILERS anyway just in case...

Rumors have been that Wonder Woman's nemesis Ares would be showing up in the movie at some point, with much of the speculation that Danny Huston, who is nearly always a bad guy, taking on the role. Well, Batman News has multiple sources that say it will actually be Harry Potter alum, David Thewlis, playing Areas in a combination of practical effects and CGI. Ares is the Greek god of War and someone who hates not only Wonder Woman but all of the Amazons. 

And if you're curious about how Ares may look when all gladiator'ed up, this look at the action figure from the New York Toy Fair should suffice.

Wonder Woman opens June 2nd 2017.