Dan Stevens' Eyes Are Opened In First Trailer For 'The Ticket'

This was the right moment to release the trailer for The Ticket, even though it premiered almost a year ago at the Tribeca Film Festival. Its star, Dan Stevens, is red hot right now following the debut of FX's Legion, and of course he also has Disney's Beauty and the Beast. His name is going to put a lot more eyes on this film than it would have a few months ago.

Directed by Ido Fluk and co-starring Malin Akerman, Oliver Platt, and Kerry Bishe, this morality tale follows a blind man with a wife and son, who experiences a miracle when he's suddenly able to see. But in gaining vision he begins losing sight of the things that truly matter in life.

This sounds like the kind of simple, moral tale that Hollywood doesn't make often anymore. We'll see if The Ticket can maybe open that door again when it arrives on April 7th.