Could We Finally See the Original Versions of The Star Wars Saga?

Grains of salt everywhere on this one, these rumors pop up almost as much as the debate on whether or not Han Shot First (he did). That being said the word is coming from MakingStarWars.net this time who have been a trusted source for all things Star Wars. Honestly, there's absolutely NO reason not to release something that the fans have been clamoring for now that Lucas is no longer the decision maker. When he headed up Lucasfilm I got it, he thought the new versions were superior, fans be damned. But now that Kathleen Kennedy is running things, and have thus far brought prestige back to the galaxy far, far, away it seems like a no-brainer to release the original cut. 

It was previously said that the "special editions" were done on the original print making a re-release of the film all but impossible (that in itself is stupid enough). Word has it that a 35mm print of the film has surfaced renewing the possibilities and being that the 40th anniversary of the original film is coming up in a few months the chances of a high def transfer of the unaltered trilogy is seeming more and more likely. 

If I'm being totally honest, I'd actually like to see a hybrid release. They original, un-altered films have been lauded as these impecable masterpieces but Lucas had the right idea with his updates, he just went a little...okay a lot too far. The lightsabers, blaster bolts, windows in cloud city, pretty much every special effect that was given an upgrade was warranted and improves the film, everything that was added Jabba in IV, that horrible dance number in Jedi, random creatures on Tattoine...that stuff is what ruined those films in the eyes of most fans. So touch up those bits and leave the rest in tact. 

Here's hoping there's some truth to this, I can't imagine there's not...that is, of course, unless Disney started disliking money.