Chris Terrio Rewrote Ben Affleck's Script For 'The Batman'

Despite the possibility being floated yesterday that Ben Affleck might leave the role of Batman altogether, chances are he will stick around to star in The Batman even if someone else directs it. Of curious note was that in stepping down he failed to mention the screenplay he co-wrote with DC Films chief, Geoff Johns, the same script that was reportedly giving him problems. Well now we know why, and it's because a familiar friend has given it a rewrite.

According to Deadline, Chris Terrio has rewritten Affleck and Johns' screenplay for The Batman. Terrio won an Academy Award for writing Argo, but most recently he penned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. You take the good, you take the bad...

This makes sense. Even if Affleck has stepped aside as director he's still going to have vast creative control on The Batman, and bringing in a longtime collaborator like Terrio is a sensible move. Apparently he's already turned the draft in which means production may not be delayed too badly. It's all going to depend on how long Warner Bros. takes in naming a new director.