Charlize Theron's Next Film Is On A 'Need To Know' Basis

As if Charlize Theron doesn't have enough to do leading Vin Diesel by the nose for nearly three hours in Fate of the Furious, she's also got a ton of projects coming up. Think that'll stop the Oscar winner from adding one more? Deadline reports Theron will produce and star in Need to Know, a spy thriller based on Karen Cleveland's upcoming book.

The film finds Theron as a married mom and CIA analyst who unleashes an unexpected danger upon her family while investigating a Russian sleeper cell. This is interesting because Cleveland works for the CIA herself, and the book, which doesn't even have a publisher yet, has taken Hollywood by storm.

Add this to Theron's crowded slate which includes this summer's David Leitch-directed spy movie, The Coldest City; her reunion with Jason Reitman for Tully; and American Express with Nash Edgerton.