'Captain Fantastic' Director Matt Ross Plans 'Tomorrow And Tomorrow'

Actor-turned-writer/director Matt Ross surprised everyone with his debut feature, Captain Fantastic. The film, which ended up very high on my Best of 2016 list, is an Oscar sleeper and may find star Viggo Mortensen winning Best Actor. It's also opened up a wealth of new opportunities for Ross, and he's decided on what will be his next project, an adaptation of sci-fi novel, Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

Published in 2014, Tom Sweterlitsch’s book takes place years after Pittsburgh has been utterly destroyed by an explosion and a survivor has painstakingly recreated the city digitally. In the process of reliving his fondest memories of the city and his family who lived there, he uncovers a mystery that changes everything he thought he knew about the world he wants to revive.

A writer and cast still need to be found, and I wouldn't be surprised if Ross adapts it himself to speed things along. Ross still has a recurring role on HBO's Silicon Valley, and previously starred in Big Love for the network.