Box Office: 'Rings' Scares Up $13M, 'The Space Between Us' Fails To Launch

1. Split- $14.5M/$98.7M
2. Rings (review)- $13M
There wasn't enough room for two horrors on Super Bowl weekend, and audiences chose a third weekend of Split over the first weekend of Rings. The return of the once-popular franchise comes after a nearly two-year delay, but it's unclear if that had anything to do with it underperforming. Chances are, much like with Blair Witch, the demand just wasn't there after all these years.  On the plus side, it only cost $25M and has already surpassed that worldwide. This is still probably dead-on-arrival as far as a revival goes, but then no horror every really stays dead, does it?
3. A Dog's Purpose- $10.8M/$32.9M
4. Hidden Figures- $10.1M/$119.1M
5. La La Land- $7.4M/$118.3M
6. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter- $4.5M/$21.8M
$117M worldwide. That's all anybody will really care about when all is said and done.
7. Sing- $4.08M/$262.9M
8. Lion- $4M/$24.7M
One of the big winners in the Oscars sweepstakes is Lion, which got a nice boost in its eleventh (!!!) weekend. The Dev Patel/Nicole Kidman drama added another 800 theaters and earned $4M, an increase of 70%.
9. The Space Between Us (review)- $3.8M
So this didn't turn out well at all. STX Entertainment's sci-fi romance, The Space Between Us, opened with a dismal $3.8M. I guess all of the reviews calling it a YA version of The Martian didn't help its prospects, eh? Personally I think the film, which stars Asa Butterfield as a boy born on Mars who comes to Earth to find his real father, is far better than the reviews give it credit. And I hoped that maybe it kind find some room to breathe in this early part of the year. It was initially going to come out last September, but literally hours before the first reviews started going up it got pulled from the schedule. I thought at the time it was smart to get away from the Oscar season dramas but maybe a closer association with them would have helped.
10. XXX: Return of Xander Cage- $3.7M/$40M