Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants Revenge In Trailer For 'Aftermath', Produced By Darren Aronofsky

Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in a very generic sounding revenge flick titled Aftermath. Yeah, okay...that sounds about right for the aging action star. He's gotta do something when not engaged in fake beefs with President Donald Trump.  But the film is produced by Darren Aronofsky, and features a script by Enemy writer Javier Gullon. Huh. Now that's unexpected, and maybe a reason to start taking this movie more seriously.

Arnold stars alongside Scoot McNairy and Maggie Grace in a movie directed by Elliott Lester (Blitz) and based on the true story of a construction worker who seeks revenge on the air traffic controller responsible for the deaths of his family.  Based on this trailer it doesn't appear to be the "guns blazing" type of thriller, but one that explores the guilt felt by everyone involved in the incident. Color me very curious as I'm getting a Maggie vibe from this one.

Aftermath opens April 7th.