Alicia Vikander Is Lara Croft In First 'Tomb Raider' Set Photos

We haven't seen a lot from Alicia Vikander in blockbuster roles...or better put, audiences haven't paid to see her in blockbuster roles. She's had a few, such as Jason Bourne, The Man from UNCLE, and Seventh Son, but the first franchise she can call her own is the Tomb Raider reboot. In picking up the mantle of Lara Croft from Angelina Jolie, Vikander finds herself as one of the most prominent female heroes in video games and movies.

So there's a ton of pressure on Vikander's shoulders, but according to these first set photos from the grueling production she is more than up to the task.  Directed by Roar Uthaugh (The Wave) and co-starring Dominic West, Daniel Wu, and Walton Goggins, the film will take Lara Croft back to her roots as she tries to clear her disgrace father's name.

Tomb Raider opens March 16th 2018.