‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Recap: S4E13: “Boom”

This week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Superior makes his first move towards getting Coulson.

Last week, the Koenigs returned, and Patton Oswalt brought some much-needed fun and comedy to the show.  However, all was not great as Radcliffe and The Watchdogs gained hold of The Darkhold.  LMD May was finally found out and the agent’s new mission is to save her and bring her bac.  We were finally introduced to The Superior (Zack McGowan) and he revealed that he believes that Coulson is the key to all alien activities and is The Watchdogs true target.

This week begins with Coulson and Mack in Spain looking for a target.  The target turns out to be a human who bears a startling resemblance to ADA.  At first, we think it’s another LMD but this instead is the human that ADA is based on.  Her name is Agnes, an Australian expat who after finding out she had an inoperable brain tumor, opting to live out the rest of her life in Spain enjoying life.    Mack and Coulson try to recruit her as an asset as she used to be both Radcliffe’s colleague and lover.  She had a falling out with Radcliffe upon the discovery of her illness.

ADA and Radcliffe have perfected their virtual world that they were testing on the real May.  At first, May was able to see through the lie quicker than they were able to adjust.  However, after continuously writing code, ADA and Radcliffe have managed to create their own virtual world.  The Superior doesn’t really care as he’s solely focused on ridding the world of The Inhumans.  Radcliffe reveals to him that he has a few Terrigen crystals and has a plan on using them for their own purposes.

The Superior has Tucker Shockley (the most prominent member of The Watchdogs we know) head to Senator Nadeer’s office.  When he arrives she’s busy continuing her anti-Inhuman propaganda.  After the two briefly talk, he pulls out a Terrigen crystal with the purpose of activating her Inhuman genes.  After all, her brother was an Inhuman (which she killed to show her devotion to the cause), and turning her into an Inhuman will be a way to rid themselves of her.  However, when the crystal shatters and the gas is released, it has no effect on her.  Instead, Tucker starts to undergo Terrigenesis, to Nadeer’s delight.  Unfortunate for her (and everyone else in the room), Tucker’s power is to be able to cause a massive explosion, where he kills her and all her senate aides.

Simmons is at the headquarters with Director Mace doing some research into his “super soldier serum” but unfortunately, the more he uses the serum, the greater the risk for him to possibly die increases.  Director Mace, is no longer in charge of S.H.I.E.LD., he’s only in charge “on paper” and Coulson and Daisy are making the big decisions.  With the explosion at the senator’s office, the agents have to go investigate as they see it being some sort of Watchdog plot.  As the Agents go and investigate, Daisy recognizes Tucker on the video surveillance.  After going to a nearby Watchdog safe house, they find Tucker (who is still alive) and arrest everyone there.

As they take Tucker on The Bus, Daisy engages in a bit of quake-influence interrogation (way to violate the Geneva Conventions S.H.I.E.L.D.) to get some answers to May’s whereabouts.  Tucker says he will only talk to Director Mace.  Just before they are about to bring him to Mace, Fitz and Simmons discover that the only way he could have survived the explosion, is if he was the Inhuman who made it (since there is no evidence of an actual bomb).  In a last minute effort,  Fitz and Mace manage to push Tucker into one of their mobile cells and eject him, just as he is about to explode.  Later on, Tucker rematerializes in the dessert.  Fitz and Simmons realize that Tucker is able to transform his body to a flammable gas based on vibrations.  These powers are similar to Nitro, a supervillain from Marvel Comics.

Tucker reveals to The Superior that he is alive and an Inhuman.  He also tells The Superior that he is very much still for the cause and tells him of a plan to try at catch Mace.  Although The Superior doesn’t care for him now that he’s not a “pure human,” he agrees to the plan.

Mack and Coulson work with Agnes to lure Radcliffe out of hiding, but then Radcliffe manages to turn Agnes against the agents by telling her that he has a way for her to live forever, his virtual reality.  At the last minute, she betrays Coulson and Mack and goes off with Radcliffe.  When the agents try and go after them, they are forced to evacuate under fire from nearby Watchdogs.  Later on, Radcliffe hooks Agnes up to the virtual reality where her consciousness will live on forever.  ADA takes Agnes’s necklace and puts it on.  Now that ADA’s been changed by The Darkhold she seems to be becoming more and more human.

Having tracked Tucker to a remote highway in the desert, Daisy agrees to engage him in combat so that Fitz and Simmons can use a device to trap him when he’s in his gaseous state.  The battle does not go well as Daisy exerts herself.  In addition, there are a bunch of Watchdogs who were in hiding also joining the fight in the hopes of capturing Mace.  Mace decides that he will play hero, injects the serum and stops the Watchdogs from getting to Daisy and the others.  While the agents capture Tucker (who The Superior left behind), the Watchdogs capture Mace, who they believe is an Inhuman.

Next week, Mace is The Superior’s prisoner, so not only do the agents have to rescue May, they have to rescue him.