Zoey Deutch Is Stuck 'Groundhog Day'-Style In New Trailer For 'Before I Fall'

Teenagers see themselves as the stars of their own little story, and every day is another dramatic page to be turned. So the idea of living a single day over and over again, with all of its triumphs and failures blown up to epic proportion, should be daunting. Well that's one one girl faces in one of the buzziest movies to arrive at Sundance this week, Ry Russo-Young's adaptation of Before I Fall, which has just debuted a new trailer.

The indie filmmaker (she recently directed Nobody Walks) makes her most mainstream effort and it seems to have caught the Sundance crowd's attention. Starring the always-great Zoey Deutch and based on the novel by Lauren Oliver, the film follows Sam, a rich, popular high school girl who is forced to relive the day of her death over and over, Groundhog Day-style. The only way to stop it is to learn the consequences of her actions and unravel the mystery of her death. 

This is another one that has already been snapped up and will hit theaters on March 3rd. Check out the trailer below.