Will Smith May Fly To Disney's Live-Action 'Dumbo'

As the insta-flop Collateral Beauty showed, Will Smith is no longer the draw he once was. But he can still be a part of something big, like his role as Deadshot in Suicide Squad and any spinoffs or sequels that follow. So perhaps it's not surprising to see him considering another potential franchise that is sure to be a smash, like Disney's live-action Dumbo.

Smith is eyeing a role in Dumbo, which Tim Burton has been attached to direct for a couple of years. Ehren Kruger, who wrote many of the Transformers flicks, will pen the screenplay about everyone's favorite flying elephant with the giant ears. Is it too much to hope Smith is playing his mouse buddy, Timothy? Apparently, because Smith would play the father of kids who befriend Dumbo after seeing  him at the circus.

Along with the pair of Bad Boys movies he has coming up Smith may be locked into franchise mode for quite a while. [Deadline]