Wild Trailer For 'The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-Wrestlemania' Makes Big Show Great Again

The WWE has had some wild guest stars appear on Raw and Smackdown over the years, but the crossovers they've had with Hanna Barbara cartoon characters have been insane. We've seen their superstars grapple with the likes of Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones, but how about going into the future to meet The Jetsons? With Big Show as a terrorizing force who may destroy the universe? No, you didn't get knocked silly by a Kevin Owens Pop-Up Powerbomb, that shit is real.

So check this out the first trailer for The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania . In this insane story, the Big Show has been released from a block of ice (ala Captain America) by George Jetson and has gone on a rampage. He destroys a bunch of robots to become world champion, then decides to take over the free world. The only way to stop him? Go back in time and bring back a bunch of current WWE superstars such as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Alicia Fox, Sheamus, and The Usos to stop him. Seriously, the guy loses pretty regularly at this point, is he truly so unstoppable?

I just want to see if they continue to boo Roman Reigns in the far-flung future. The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania gets a digital release on February 28th before hitting DVD/Blu-Ray on March 14th.