Warner Bros Releases Official Trailer For ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’

2014’s zombie apocalypse book, The Girl With All The Gifts is being adapted into a feature-length film starring Glenn Close and Sennia Nanua (and the title character Melanie).  The film was directed by Colm McCarthy and written for the screen by the book’s author M.R. Carey.

Set in the near future, most of humanity has been wiped out by a mysterious fungal disease that has turned most of humanity into “hungries” who crave flesh.  The film focuses on an army base where a small group of children who are semi-immune and are being studied.  Although they still retain their intelligence, they have a craving for flesh (hence the title of having all the gifts).  The film focuses on Melanie, one of the brightest of the children, and after the base falls due to a zombie attack, they escape with her as she may hold humanity’s cure, but can they trust her not to eat them?

The Girl With All The Gifts will be available on Direct TV January 26 and Video On Demand February 24.