Trump Inspires Dystopian Sci-Fi Film Produced By Michael Bay

I've spent the last week at Sundance trying to pretend Donald Trump doesn't exist, but as my review of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel shows, that was pretty much impossible. Escapism isn't going to be easy over the next four years, and the latest project from Michael Bay isn't going to help.

Bay will produce Little America, an original "sci-fun" (ugh) project that Universal just won an intense bidding war to attain. Penned by Rowan Athale (Wasteland) who will also direct, the story takes place in a dystopian future where a Trump-like President has bankrupted the country after China calls in its debts. Shouldn't that be Russia? Anyway, the action-thriller kicks into gear when a Chinese billionaire hires a former American Force Recon agent to rescue his daughter from an American ghetto.

The tone is said to be similar to Escape from New York, which could be pretty awesome given the great potential for political subtext. And you just know Trump will feel compelled to tweet about it. [THR]