Tom Hanks Might Play A Villain In Disney's 'Dumbo'

It's been a couple of years since Disney set Tim Burton to direct their live-action Dumbo movie, but only in the last 24 hours have things suddenly picked up. First came a report that Will Smith was eyeing a role in the film, and coming off his Deadshot role you might think he'd be a perfect villain. But no, that job may be going to someone we don't normally associate with bad guys: Tom Hanks.

Variety reports Hanks is up for the villain role, although he may be too busy to sign. Exactly what kind of villain he'd be is also unclear. Are we talking about an evil circus ringmaster? Or perhaps Hanks is voicing one of Dumbo's elephant tormenters?

All of this seems very tenuous at the moment. If Smith signs it would cause a delay in the next Bad Boys movies which are set to shoot back-to-back. There's even a chance they are shelved altogether. Hanks is mulling this role or WWII drama The Grey Hound, but won't be able to do both.