'The Predator' Adds Thomas Jane, Daniella Pineda Joins 'Jurassic World 2'

You know what  would have made for a super cool crossover? The Punisher vs. the Predator. We aren't likely to ever see that happen on the big screen but we may be getting the next  best thing. THR reports Thomas Jane is close to inking a deal for Shane Black's sequel, The Predator. 

Details on Jane's role aren't clear yet, but he seems perfectly suited to play one of the ex-Marines being stalked by the alien hunter. He joins Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, and Sterling K. Brown. The Predator opens February 9th 2018.

Meanwhile, The Detour star Daniella Pineda has joined a different sequel, Jurassic World 2. She's said to have a key role in the blockbuster film that features the return of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, along with new additions Rafe Spall, Toby Jones, and Justice Smith. J.A. Bayona is at the helm this time working from a story by previous director Colin Trevorrow and co-writer Derek Connolly. Jurassic World 2 opens June 22nd 2018.