The Defenders Exposed! Check Out The First Official Photos!

It seems like yesterday we were all waiting to see whether Marvel could conquer TV with Daredevil (yes I know Agents of SHIELD was on the air but let's agree, that's Marvel light) and now we are graced with a quick look at what's to come in the culmination of Phase 1 of Marvel TV when the Netflix four-some joins up in The Defenders! There's only one real wildcard and that's how they will handle Danny Rand when Iron Fist premiers on March 17th, I love Iron Fist but I don't see how he'll be as compelling on-screen  when compared to his counterparts, especially when you consider that he was always at his best when paired up with Power Man aka Luke Cage. 

In the end I'm sure we'll all end up loving Iron Fist with whatever angle they choose to sell it at, which will all but seal the deal that The Defenders will be a massive critical and ratings success. It could even best it's cinematic counterpart, after all can't we admit in hindsight that maybe The Avengers wasn't as aces as we all made it out to be, it was an amazing experience for sure but it's not even top 5 in the Marvel universe when it comes to quality at this point. 

The cover image and accompanying video, via EW, looks badly photoshopped but tonally perfect. There's a real 70s vibe about the whole thing which is a nice little nod to the height of their, or at least Luke Cage and Iron Fist's, popularity. The best reveal so far however is the selfie from Comic Con, yes it shows nothing and they aren't even in character but tell me this doesn't look like a group with great chemistry!

Check out EW's behind the scenes photoshoot video for more Defenderiffic fun!