'Terminator' Reboot Coming From James Cameron And 'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller

Now that the final book has been written on failed reboot Terminator Genisys, one of the things that really hurt it was the knowledge that James Cameron would get the rights back in just a few years. That meant a compressed time for a new trilogy, so why bother when you could just wait to see what Cameron could do with the franchise he made great in the first place? Well today, in what is some fairly surprising news, we are learning what Cameron has planned and it involves one of the hottest directors around.

Tim Miller, who directed the breakout superhero hit Deadpool, will be at the helm of a new Terminator reboot after Cameron regains the rights in 2019. Whoa. Cameron will be in an overseer capacity, with producer David Ellison talking with top sci-fi writers to help craft a story. This is a Hell of a bounce back for Miller, who exited the Deadpool sequel under creative differences and now has another big studio film under his charge. Even better, he's got plenty of time to do other things before this gets rolling.

Whatever Cameron and Miller have cooking, let's hope it means no more Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think it's time to say "Hasta la vista, baby" to the Governator who clearly didn't put any butts in seats last time.  [Deadline]