Rupert Grint Pulls Off A Heist In The 'Snatch' TV Series Trailer

I don't know how many people watch Crackle on a regular basis, but there may be a reason to check out the streaming service. The trailer has debuted for their upcoming Snatch TV series based on Guy Ritchie's 2000 crime caper, and it looks to have matched that film's high-paced action and array of colorful characters.

Rupert Grint trades in his magic wand for stolen gold in the series, in which he plays the posh thief Charlie Cavendish. When he and his crew stumble on a truckload of gold bullion, they take it for themselves only to realize it belongs to somebody a little too dangerous for them to handle. Ed Westwick, Dougray Scott (He's in everything British, right? It's a requirement.), and Lucien Laviscount co-star.

The 10-episode series hits Crackle on March 16th.