Robert De Niro Is A Fraud In Trailer For HBO's 'The Wizard Of Lies'

There's something unseemly about someone as toxic as Bernie Madoff getting a movie made about him, but if it's going to happen at least HBO is doing it and at least Robert De Niro is the star. The network has debuted the trailer for The Wizard of Lies, which stars De Niro as the man who committed the worst act of financial fraud in U.S. history.

De Niro reteams with Barry Levinson (What Just Happened) to tell the story of how Madoff's infamous Ponzi scheme destroyed the lives of millions, making his name synonymous with white-collar crime. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Madoff's wife, with Alessandro Nivola and Hank Azaria co-starring.

The Wizard of Lies hits HBO in May.