Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe Is About To Become A Cinematic Universe

Rob Liefeld is the guy responsible for creating popular Marvel characters like Deadpool and Cable, but his own creator-owned stuff has largely been left off the big screen. It hasn't been for lack of trying, mind you. There have been rumors of Bloodstrike and Youngblood movies for years that never panned out, although to be fair he does seem to be making headway now. In particular he's found a partnership with uber-producer Akiva Goldsman, who recently agreed to direct Liefeld's Avengelyne. And now it looks like that partnership is expanding in a big way.

Deadline reports a new cinematic universe is on the way, based on Liefeld's Extreme Universe line of titles. That includes characters such as Brigade, Battlestone, Bloodstrike, Kaboom, Regex, Cybrid and Bloodwulf, but not Avengelyne since it's set up at Paramount. The movies are expected to be hard R-rated just like Deadpool and the upcoming Wolverine flick, which should be appropriate for Liefeld's bombastic style. Goldsman will be creating a writers room to build the universe, just as he did for Paramount and the Transformers movies.

Most of Liefeld's characters are cheap knock-offs of the X-Men (he had a character named Bloodpool), but he's found a dedicated base of fans who love his stuff. At the very least it will be interesting to see how far this goes. I'm doubtful there's room for another cinematic universe based on comic book characters, but we shall see.