'The Predator' Setting and Casting News! 'Moonlight' Star Trevante Rhodes Joins Cast

via THR

Predator somehow still gets people excited. I know because I'm one of those people, I'm also one of those people who has enjoyed every outing thus far, including Predator 2 (honestly it's one of my favorites, it's where we get to see all the new toys and backstory!), so I'm not really positive why I lead with that, probably because it's what most people think when they hear there's another Predator coming out. Anyway, the news today is two-fold, first we have Trevante Rhodes one of the stars of 2016's best films Moonlight has been announced as joining the cast. Second, well...second is the part that actually worries me a bit. The setting for the film has been announced as the scariest, most dreaded area in the world...Suburbia. All jokes aside this could go either way. AvP: Requiem was set in the suburbs and, though I thought it was fun, it didn't really work. On the other hand it could lend to a really cool Micheal Myers-esque stalking scenario and bring back the horror end of the horror/sci-if genre that's been so lacking in the last 15 years. Add to this that the movie is being written and directed by Shane Black, who goes from amazing to lackluster and back on a picture to picture basis and you have a real flip of the coin scenario. Shooting is scheduled to start this winter so we can expect to find out late Summer/Fall 2018.