Naomie Harris Will 'Rampage' With Dwayne Johnson, Jacob Tremblay Joins 'The Predator'

Oscar-nominated Moonlight actress (and current Bond Girl) Naomie Harris has found an unexpected way to celebrate her recent awards achievements. She'll be joining Dwayne Johnson in Rampage, meaning she will help him stop a giant wolf, giant lizard, and giant ape from destroying a city. Harris will play a "geneticist with a moral streak" which is a lot better than "geneticist without a moral streak", because those characters tend to die at the end of the movie, usually by one of their own creations. Rampage will hit theaters on April 20th 2018 with Johnson's San Andreas and Journey 2 director Brad Peyton behind the camera. [THR]

If it's a Shane Black movie there has to be a precocious child in there somewhere, and that includes his upcoming Predator sequel. Room breakout Jacob Tremblay will play the adorable little runt in The Predator, joining Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, and his Before I Wake co-star Thomas Jane. The film, due out on February 9th 2018, will follow a team of ex-Marines stalked by the vicious hunter. How exactly Black intends to fit a kid into this scenario is beyond me, but I'm anxious to see him try. [THR]