John Legend Heats Up The New Trailer For 'La La Land'

Wait, isn't La La Land already in theaters, paving what looks to be an easy path to Best Picture frontrunner? Absolutely, and the film has been huge both here and abroad with $66M. The thing is, it hasn't even cracked 1000 theaters domestically yet and is still rolling out overseas, meaning there are a lot of areas that haven't been treated to Damien Chazelle's genius musical.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are light on their feet as ever in the latest trailer, which features co-star John Legend's track, "Start a Fire".  Legend's role in the film is pretty significant as a reflection of what Gosling's jazz purist fears becoming, which is an artist who sells out the music for fame.

La La Land is in theaters here now, and hits the UK on January 12th.