Jamie Foxx Races Against Time In 'Sleepless' Red Band Trailer

Did you forget that Jamie Foxx has a new movie coming out this weekend? I sure did. Sleepless has had pretty decent trailers, suggesting an intense tickin clock thriller, but the movie has zero heat and they aren't even screening it for critics. Always a bad sign. Maybe this new red band trailer will kick up some buzz?

Foxx plays an undercover Las Vegas cop whose son is kidnapped by criminal elements, and he must spend a sleepless night dealing with city's underbelly and corrupt cops to get him back. Michelle Monaghan plays a suspicious agent on his tail, while Gabrielle Union is Foxx's ex. While it looks pretty generic, it has decent pedigree as a remake of the French film, Sleepless Night.

Also starring Dylan McDermot, Scoot McNairy, and David Harbour with Baran bo Odar directing, Sleepless opens January 13th. We'll try and catch up with it as soon as we can.