James Ponsoldt Teams With 'Arrival' Producers For 'Inconstant Moon'

While I'm still a little perplexed that Amy Adams didn't get an Oscar nomination for her stunning performance in Arrival, the sci-fi drama managed to secure eight nominations total. That's not too shabby, and now producer Shawn Levy is looking for more with his next high-minded sci-fi project, an adaptation of Larry Niven's short story, Inconstant Moon, and he's found a top director to lead it.

James Ponsoldt, the director behind Smashed, The Spectacular Now, The End of the Tour, and upcoming thriller The Circle, has been set to direct from a script by Daniel Casey. The original 1971 story, which won a Hugo Award in 1982, takes place over a single night in Los Angeles as a couple considers breaking up while an apocalyptic natural disaster threatens to destroy the planet. An episode of The Outer Limits previously adapted Niven's short for the small screen.

The story asks the question, "How would you spend your last night on Earth?" So it kind of sounds like Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and considering the story's connection to Romeo & Juliet (The title is taken from a Shakespeare passage), I expect this will be a mature look at young love under extraordinary circumstances.