It's Morphin TIme! New Full Trailer for 'Power Rangers' Hits!

24 years. It has been 24 years since Morphin' mania first hit, countless incarnations and a few big-screen ventures later we have a rebirth of sorts with Power Rangers which came with the promise of a more adult and serious take on the 5 kids from Angel Grove. I don't think there has been anything in recent history that has simulatenously carried such high and low expectations on the same time. Anyone between the ages of 37-27 remembers growing up with this awesome import (yes the show was released her but, fun fact, was comprised of about 80% recycled footage to cut costs), to this day I will never forget the Christmas at the height of it's popularity and the straight impossibility of getting these figures under your tree. For reference the awesomely bad Christmas flick Jingle All the Way was inspired by the rush for these toys. 

We had a teaser trailer hit a month or so ago that gave us a feel for what we were in store for and, if we're being honest, it didn't do alot to change minds that this would not be a great movie. Sadly, this new full trailer doesn't do much more to further the cause. While we get a great look at everything from the fully suited rangers, Bryan Cranston's Zordon, Alpha 5, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), the Zords, and even Goldar what we see seems like they were trapped between tones. The dialouge feels like a PG kids movie but the look seems more like they were going for something darker and more serious.

Hopefully they find their balance because contrary to popular belief this is a property that could be made into an amazing film. Look at it like this, it's basically Ironman meets Spider-Man times 5 with a nice otherworldly true sci-fi twist. The trailer does show promise, I get a real Chronicle type vibe from the early scenes as they are discovering their powers so all is not lost. I just hope the trailer is mis-leading and they have in fact picked a tone and will stick with it. 

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24th, 2017