'Green Lantern Corps' Adds 'Batman Begins' Writer David Goyer

After the disastrous Green Lantern movie, Warner Bros. essentially went back to the drawing board. Remember, that Ryan Reynolds-led film was supposed to properly launch the DCU, but that didn't happen. And with this new franchise out there, Green Lantern is pretty much the only top DC hero unaccounted for. It's likely we won't see him until the far-off Green Lantern Corps, a film that has just brought back one of the original DCU architects to pen the screenplay.

Deadline reports David Goyer, one of the best superhero movie writers around, has been brought on to pen Green Lantern Corps alongside co-writer Justin Rhodes. Goyer was not only involved with the Blade movies, but he helped script Christopher Nolan's amazing Dark Knight trilogy, plus Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Some might say that's a mixed bag, but I wouldn't. His stories have attracted a ton of talent across the board; what they do with it is out of his control.

From the beginning the film has been described as an intergalactic buddy cop movie, think Lethal Weapon in space. It'll follow the two most popular Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, but don't expect to see Ryan Reynolds back in the fold. He's a little busy.  Green Lantern Corps has a date for 2019 but don't be surprised if that moves around at some point.