Dwayne Johnson Is Getting A Solo Black Adam Movie

Let's be honest; you don't bring in somebody like Dwayne Johnson to play a bad guy in just one movie. And given the power Warner Bros. had granted Johnson, basically letting him pick whether to play Shazam or villain Black Adam (he chose the latter), we knew the actor would be sticking around for the long haul. Well now we know just what that means.

THR reports that DC Films is developing a Black Adam solo movie for Johnson to star in. This is totally separate from Shazam! which now has Henry Gayden (Earth to Echo) working on the script. All of this springs from meetings Johnson had with DC Films' Geoff Johns, and the decision was made to move forward on making Black Adam an antihero, which to be fair he has been occasionally in the comics. The Shazam! script will need a bit of retooling to set up the Black Adam movie.

Pretty exciting news because it means we'll be seeing Dwayne Johnson hanging out with the Justice League sooner than later. It's only a matter of time.