Daisy Ridley To Play A Real-Life Super Spy In 'A Woman Of No Importance'

Of the many reasons to be a fan of Daisy Ridley is that the Star Wars actress has used her newfound fame to promote projects that further the cause of women, and depict strong female characters. Now she's adding one more and it will find her playing one of the greatest spies active during WWII, a woman the Germans considered the deadliest spy of all.

Deadline reports Ridley is up for the role of real-life heiress and spy Virginia Hall in A Woman of No Importance. There have been books written on Hall in the past but this one is based on Sonia Purnell's upcoming biography. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Hall tried to join the American Foreign Service but was refused due to her gender and a previous leg injury. Eventually she became an American spy working with the British during WWII, then later with the American Office of Strategic Services and the CIA at the end of her career.

Sounds like another great part that will find Ridley playing a positive female role model. She's also reportedly up to star in American Rebel, about a woman who disguised her gender to fight in the Revolutionary War. She also has the franchise adaptation of Chaos Walking coming up, and roles in Peter Rabbit and Murder On the Orient Express.