Clint Eastwood Comedy 'Every Which Way But Loose' Is Getting A Remake

The OAG, Orangutan Actors Guild, just got a boost as Deadline reports a remake of Every Which Way But Loose is in the works. The original 1978 film was a comedy hit and featured Clint Eastwood as a truck driver who gets into all sorts of trouble with his orangutan sidekick, Clyde.

On board to write and direct is Anthony Cohen, director of the fairly awful teen comedy The Sex Trip. Apparently that film was enough to impress original director-now-producer James Fargo, which may be all we need to know. Then again it should mean a faithful redo so at least there's that.

Just how faithful will it be, though? Could it mean possibly getting Clint's son Scott Eastwood to take the lead role? The Eastwoods could corner the market on orangutan-based comedies.