Brand New TV Spot for Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'

I want so bad to love this movie, I want nothing more then for it to be amazing. This coming from a guy that appreciates the Clive Owen King Arthur that's pretty much universally hated. There's really no historical legend that is more adaptable to the screen so I really don't get how there hasn't been a definitively excellent version of the Arthurian legend. Yes I know Excalibur is that movie, so I should rephrase and say a modern version. Excalibur for all of it's glory is extremely dated and plays like a stage production shot for the big screen.

Guy Ritchie has got to be the guy to get it right, hasn't he? I mean Charlie Hunnam isn't winning Oscars anytime soon but he's damn sure serviceable enough for Ritchie to work with. This TV spot, which aired during the AFC/NFC championship games yesterday, feels like it's about 80% of a great Guy Ritchie film. There are plenty of his distinctive visuals, a proper feeling atmosphere and the promise of a pretty epic scale. There's just one thing that really has me worried. The CGI. Ever since the first trailer that giant Doomsday like CGI monster has worried me, it just looks so bad and historically bad CGI monsters are a reliable indication of a less then stellar movie. I fail to understand how some companies produce such photo-realistic CGI and others end up with this and what we saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Check out the clip below and look for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword to hit theaters May 12th, 2017