Box Office: 'Split' Puts A Leash On 'A Dog's Purpose', 'Resident Evil' Opens Big Worldwide

1. Split- $26.2M
Wow. If you're one of those still hatin' on M. Night Shyamalan for his string of duds a few years ago, it's time to sing a new tune. He now has scored two hit genre films in a row with The Visit and Split, the latter having earned a whopping $26M in its second weekend to maintain the top spot.  Overall the film has earned nearly $78M domestically and has topped $100M worldwide. It'll probably take a hit when fellow horror films Rings and A Cure for Wellness arrive in the next few days, but I think we can for certain that Shyamalan has found himself a new niche that audiences are really responding to.
2. A Dog's Purpose (review)- $18.3M
Any controversy about the mistreatment of animals doesn't appear to have hurt A Dog's Purpose, which opened with a steady $18.3M.  Granted, it was tracking higher than that before the video came out, but this was a $22M production with not a lot of big names (Dennis Quaid probably the biggest), just a lot of cute and lovable pups. Clearly that was enough.
3. Hidden Figures- $14M/$104M
4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter- $13.8M
Like its sister Underworld franchise, Resident Evil has long been carried by international box office. Sony/Screen Gems could care less about what it does here, which is why they don't even bother to screen it for press anymore. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the sixth movie in the video game adaptation led by Milla Jojovich. only hit $13M over here but has $78M worldwide. See what I mean? While this is the "final chapter", it's tough to believe anybody who claims that (The Saw franchise is back after a final chapter, too) and there's too much easy money to be made on these.
5. La La Land- $12M/$106.5M
Believe in the Oscars bump! Just days after receiving a record-tying 14 Academy Award nominations, La La Land saw a 1200 theater increase and a bump of 43% at the box office, pushing it well over the $100M mark.
6. XXX: Return of Xander Cage- $8.2M/$33.4M
Unsurprisingly, one of Vin's secondary franchises has greater appeal overseas. XXX: Return of Xander Cage hobbled along to $8M and $33M total domestically, but has $55M internationally which ain't so bad.
7. Sing- $6.2M/$257.4M
8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story- $5.1M/$520M
9. Monster Trucks- $4.1M/$28.1M
10. Gold (review)- $3.4M
The McConaissance is over, ladies and gentleman. This marks two straight high profile duds for McConaughey after last summer's Free State of Jones. The mining thriller Gold never dug up any traction with audiences and it sorta felt like Weinstein just dumped it out there, perhaps because it didn't get any awards buzz.