Barry Fights The Future In ‘The Flash’ Midseason Trailer

In the midseason finale of The Flash, Barry accidentally traveled 6 months into the future at the very moment where he saw his mortal enemy Savitar brutally murder his girlfriend Iris before his future self’s eyes.  When the show returns next Tuesday, Barry will have to try his best to ensure that this timeline does not happen. All of Team Flash will have to do their best to help Barry to not only prevent Iris’ murder, but also make sure that Caitlin does not continue her downward spiral to becoming Killer Frost.

Also, Iris’ former boyfriend Eddie Thawne will also be returning to the show (yet another consequence of Flashpoint) as per actor Rick Cosnett’s Twitter account.

Eddie’s return comes on top of actor Robbie Amell returning to the show as Ronnie Raymond (one-half of Firestorm) is also coming back to the show.

The Flash returns Tuesday, January 24th.