‘Aquaman’ Taps ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Stunt Team

With the introduction of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Batman v Superman, fans were intrigued.  Throughout his comic book history, Aquaman has been considered a “lesser” character in the Justice League.  Often made fun of as his power was that he could “talk to the fishes” and that’s not necessarily as great as Superman, Wonder Woman, or the rest of them.  Even though he did have super strength (that rivaled Superman), he was ridiculed for his aquatic powers.  However, having Khal Drogo, himself playing as the titular character, we know we’ll be getting an edgier version of the famed comic book character.  While he did not do much in Batman v Superman, his own solo film due in 2018 is currently in production with James Wan (Fast 7, The Conjuring, and Insidious) directing the film.

Australia’s 9 News just revealed that Keir Beck and his Gold Coast stunt team will be the stunt team for the upcoming film.  Beck’s team has done stunts for many films including San Andreas, Max Steel, and Hacksaw Ridge.  Most notably, they were the stunt team behind Mad Max: Fury Road, which arguably has the best stunts for quite some time.  Beck confirmed that we will be getting some exceptional stunts for the upcoming Aquaman film.
“General stunt skills and fighting, if there is water sequences obviously being capable and competent in water.”
Underwater fight scenes!  It makes sense for a movie that will take place in Atlantis.  But if the same people who gave us the high-speed action sequences from George Miller’s awesome film from last year, this raises the bar for the upcoming film!