Anne Hathaway Has A Kaiju In First Trailer For 'Colossal'

I don't always trust the scuttlebutt on the ground here at Sundance, but there are a few people I trust. Those people are telling me to definitely make room for Colossal, which on the surface sounds like a totally anti-festival flick. But based on the positive reviews coming out of TIFF, there's a lot more going on with it than just another monster movie.

Starring Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis (he was described as "transcendent" to me earlier"), Dan Stevens, and Tim Blake Nelson with Nacho Vigalondo (Open Windows) directing, the film follows a New York party girl who discovers she has a bizarre connection with a rampaging monster in South Korea. Sound weird? The trailer has a ton of promise, but it will be interesting to see what buzz it can generate outside of the festival circuit.

Colossal opens on April 7th.