Alan Tudyk's 'Powerless' Character Is Cousin To This Justice League Member

NBC has done a complete 180 when it comes to their DC Comics sitcom, Powerless. Originally the show had very loose ties to the comic book universe, but since the revamp it's right smack in the middle of things. First we learned that the series would actually take place at subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, owned by Bruce Wayne aka Batman, but now Alan Tudyk's character has been revealed to have very close ties to Wayne, too.

The latest TV spot reveals Tudyk's character is Van Wayne, Bruce Wayne's cousin, who has been brought in to run the Dept. of Research & Development at Wayne Security. He's rich, pompous, and a dictator of a boss who makes the job difficult for Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) and the rest of her team. NBC kept the character's true name secret, previously calling him Del Heller.

Here's a synopsis for the series:

Emily Locke lands her dream job as Director of Research and Development for Wayne Security in Charm City, home to super heroes and villains and citizens fed up with the collateral damage of their constant fighting. Full of confidence and big ideas, Emily quickly learns that her aspirations far exceed those of her new boss and officemates, so it will be up to her to lead the team toward their full potential and the realization that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero.

Powerless premieres on Feburary 2nd at 8:30pm EST on NBC.