Zack Snyder To Finally Direct Long-Brewing War Drama 'The Last Photograph'

It's been five years since Zack Snyder last directed anything that didn't have a costumed DC hero in it, and that was the much-hated action flick Sucker Punch. Well now he's taking a break and moving on to something else entirely, and it's a project he's actually been attached to for a long time.

Snyder will finally go ahead and direct the Afghan War drama, The Last Photograph, which he's been attached to since 2011. His buddy and 300 writer Kurt Johnstad wrote the script which centers on a war reporter in Afghanistan who is the only survivor of an attack on Americans. In hopes of landing the story, he teams up with a special ops agent in search of a missing family member. At one point Sean Penn and Christian Bale were attached but that is no longer the case and a new duo will be sought.

So why is Snyder taking this on now? Before you get too excited he's still going to direct Justice League 2, but with that film being pushed back in favor of Ben Affleck's The Batman it left an opening in Snyder's schedule, and here we are. I still think Snyder is a better director than many give him credit for and I'll be curious to see what he can do with very different material. Actually, I'm more curious to see how audiences react to it and if they give Snyder a fair shake. [THR]