Woody Harrelson's Directorial Debut Will Be First Ever Live Movie Experience

So you know Woody Harrelson's directorial debut, Lost in London, that we learned about a couple of months ago? It's no longer just another movie, it's going to be a piece of history that will be arriving much sooner than we thought. Like next month.

Harrelson will direct Lost in London as the first ever live movie event, and that means exactly what you think. The film will be shot in one take and broadcast live as it happens to 550 theaters on January 19th. That's huge, and considering Harrelson wrote the script and will co-star alongside Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson (!!!), this is a HUGE undertaking. Add that it will have 14 different locations and 30 castmembers and this sounds potentially overwhelming. It also sounds a lot like what Francis Ford Coppola hoped to achieve with Twixt a few years ago but that was a massive fail. At least Harrelson recognizes how much of a challenge the whole thing is, telling EW...

“I had this idea 10 or more years ago. I love theater and I love film and I really wanted to figure out a way to merge the two. Then I thought this particular story does occur sequentially and cohesively, so I thought I’d like to shoot it in real time, like live cinema or whatever you’d call it. I guess a comparison might be ‘Saturday Night Live.’ That’s like doing live theater, though you have commercial breaks. But to do it 100 minutes in a row with no break? Yeah, it might be accurate to call this insanity.”

So what is that particular story? It's based on a 2002 event that found Harrelson being arrested in London after accidentally breaking an ashtray in a taxicab. If you're interested, check out Fathom Events now for tickets. And if you do see it, reach out to us about doing a review!