Warner Bros. Gives 'Aquaman' A Later 2018 Release Date Than Expected

You're going to be waiting a bit longer to dive into that Aquaman movie, folks. After we, meaning pretty much everybody, had assumed the James Wan-directed movie would open July 27th 2018, Warner Bros. has announced it will actually open three months later on October 5th.

So what's the deal? That July 27th date, as well as the October 5th one, were earmarked for DC Film projects previously. So does this mean we can expect to see something else get that summer slot? Who knows?

At any rate, expect the Internet to be flooded with set pics of half-naked Jason Momoa on the Australian coasts when filming begins next year. Hopefully for every one of those there will be twice as many of Amber Heard as Mera.  We'll have a chance to see both of them in Justice League when it opens on November 10th 2017.