Trailer For Zach Braff's Remake 'Going In Style' With Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, And Alan Arkin

If any director could use a change of pace it's Zach Braff. His two efforts behind the camera, Garden State and the critically-panned Wish I Was Here have been hammered for being everything people hate about indie movies.  So he's gone in an unexpected direction for his third movie by taking on a remake of the 1979 heist comedy, Going in Style, starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin. With those three at least this promises to be a little more fun than Braff's usual stuff.

Penned by Hidden Figures director Ted Melfi, the film centers on a trio of bored retirees who get the idea to rob some banks. Why? Being retired is expensive, ya'll. This is coming out at a time when anger towards financial institutions is running high, so I expect a strong reaction from audiences. Plus it's got that whole Grumpy Old Men thing going for it.

Going in Style opens April 7th 2017.