Time Is Running Out In New Trailer For WWII Thriller, '13 Minutes'

It was well over a year ago that we received the first trailer for Oliver Hirschbiegel's (Deadfall) "kill Hitler" thriller, 13 Minutes. But it was nearly a year before that when it debuted in Berlin, and yet somehow it's taken this long for a stateside release. Fortunately, we are getting one, and a new trailer for the WWII film is here to get us excited for it.

The film stars  Christian Friedel as Georg Elser, who failed in his attempt to assassination Adolf Hitler in 1939, with his bomb just missing the Nazi leader by 13 minutes. It's certainly a handsomely-made film based on this footage, and the details on how Elser put his plot together should prove fascinating. Here's hoping it can stand out from other movies about killing Hitler, because there are many.

13 Minutes opens March 17th 2017.