Sundance 2017:First Look At Cate Blanchett In Art Homage 'Manifesto'

One of the surprise films to arrive at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival is Manifesto, which I had only heard about because it featured Cate Blanchett in some kind of experimental art installation project from director Julian Rosefeldt. The film played in Australia and Germany, but there was no sign it would be hitting our shores, which makes its arrival in Park City pretty damn exciting.

More Blanchett is always a good thing, right? Well you'll get your fill because Manifesto finds her playing 13 different characters in which she re-enacts art manifestos from the 20th Century.

SYNOPSIS: Can history’s art manifestos apply to contemporary society? An homage to the twentieth century’s most impassioned artistic statements and innovators, from Futurists and Dadaists to Pop Art, Fluxus, Lars von Trier and Jim Jarmusch, this series of reenactments performed by Cate Blanchett explores these declarations’ performative components and political significance.