*SPOILERS* This 'Rogue One' Star May Not Be Done With 'Star Wars'

The subject of a sequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been the butt of many jokes, and for obvious reasons. Even those who helped make the movie have gotten in on the act, while producers have made it clear that this is indeed a one-shot flick. That said, just because there won't be sequels does that shut the door on something else with these characters?

According to THR, one actor from the spinoff movie has an option to return for one more movie. Who would that be? Felicity Jones, who stars as rebel soldier Jyn Erso. While those who have already seen the film know what's up with her at the end, there's always the chance she comes back in a story the predates Rogue One, right?  I think she'd be pretty cool to see pop up in that Han Solo movie shooting right now. Hmmmm...two rogues passing in the night? The site suggests she could appear in a Luke Skywalker movie, which to me sounds hella boring. Sorry, Luke doesn't get cool until much later.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now, having already broken records with $29M on Thursday previews alone. You can check out my review here.