'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Sequel And 'Bad Boys 4' Get 2019 Dates

One of the big mistakes Sony made with The Amazing Spider-Man was trying to do too much too soon. They embarked on a huge franchise without first establishing what they had in Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (How do you screw up that duo, by the way??), and when things didn't pan out Sony went running to Marvel for help. But apparently that Marvel backing has given Sony the cajones to repeat the same process with their reboot, because Spider-Man: Homecoming already has a sequel coming.

Tom Holland will swing into Spider-Man: Homecoming's follow-up on July 5th 2019. That's usually a huge box office weekend (Michael Bay used to dominate it with Transformers flicks) and clearly Marvel/Sony are hoping to do the same. It's not as if any other competition has been set up that far ahead yet.

Speaking of Bay, Sony is already looking ahead to a fourth Bad Boys movie, even though the third, titled Bad Boys for Life, doesn't arrive until January 2018.  The fourth film teamup between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith will open on May 24th 2019. We knew all along that Sony was pushing ahead on two movies, with Joe Carnahan at the helm of the next one. Whether he'll be sticking around for both isn't clear yet. So who's going to perform the update on the "Bad Boys" theme? I'm guessing Pharrell. [EW]