Ryan Reynolds Has A Good Reason Deadpool Won't Cameo In 'Logan'

Earlier this week a story surfaced that Ryan Reynolds had shot a Deadpool cameo in Logan, which would occur after the credits rolled. That would have been incredibly cool and a way for the two characters to cross paths one final time since Hugh Jackman is bowing out. That said, Deadpool's wacky tone didn't seem to push with the film's grim tone, and director James Mangold shot the story down. Now Reynolds has chimed back in to explain why the crossover isn't happening, and it's pretty much the reason we thought...

I would still urge caution that this may be a trick. Would anybody be surprised if there was a post-credits scene where an older Deadpool finds Logan's yellow and blue Wolverine costume in a trunk or something and puts it on? I wouldn't. Logan opens on March 3rd 2017.